Issue getting assignee to manual notify list (AHD03066)
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Issue getting assignee to manual notify list (AHD03066)


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When do a manual notify activity from an incident detail page, the assignee does not show in the "Available Recipients" list and in stdlog these errors are logged

06/07 14:50:02.15 SDM-SERVER spelsrvr                 956 ERROR        spelappl.c            4878 AHD03066:Unknown name in Notify_Obj_Cnt_List in method got_cnt_persids
06/07 14:50:02.16 SDM-SERVER spelsrvr                 956 ERROR        macro.spl             1304 macro::get_notify_list() Error in get_notify_contacts_list: AHD03066:Unknown name

This happens only when assignee is involved in the "Available Recipients" list.



Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - In-bound/Out-bound Mail


Please follow these steps to check and correct the issue

--check "object_attr" field value in ntfl mab table for the Assignee activity association for CRASSINEE code

--if its value is anything other than "assignee", change to "assignee". For example, if it is "call_req_id.assignee", change it to "assignee"

--run this command

pdm_cache_refresh -t Notify_Object_Attr

--test to confirm problem is addressed