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Is there a variable in messagegtw probe that only includes the process name?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The processes profiles in place are configured with a wild card to include multiple processes. The "" generated for these profiles always include the profile name and not the process name itself. 

Our ServiceNow instance currently generates tickets from all Events received from UIM via the messagegtw probe using the ci_name variable for Resource field and noted that all process alerts for a given profile have the same value, processes profile name.

Is there an additional variable available in the messagegtw probe that only includes the process name?

Note: This variable would simplify the process on configuring rules in ServiceNow with profiles that use wildcards.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - MESSAGEGTW


The only options available is to create distinct processes profiles for each process or create a rule in ServiceNow that parses out the process name from "message.udata.supp_key" variable.

An alternate option is to submit an enhancement request using the KB 

How to raise an enhancement request for UIM