Benefit Plan Details ID not showing
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Benefit Plan Details ID not showing


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When you add the ID column to the Benefit Plan Details list, the value for the column does not get displayed.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a Benefit plan and click on 'Detail' tab 
  2. Create a Benefit Plan Detail by populating the 'Benefit Class' and 'Benefit Subclass' 
  3. In the Benefit Plan list page, add the 'ID' column 

Expected Results: 'ID' column to be populated with a value. 

Actual Results: 'ID' column remains blank. 


Release : 16.0.2 


This is caused by DE65379 


DE65379 Targeted Fix in Release 16.0.3

  • As part of this Defect Fix, we are completely hiding this attribute from columns when we do configure it in classic.
  • Please remove this attribute from the columns configuration before the upgrade. So that it won't come for selection from configuring after 16.0.3 release.
  • Before this release (16.0.3) if the attribute is configured in the UI, even after this release also it will show empty values. Once we remove it from the column then it won't show up anymore in the columns to pick and configure.