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Use Not Able to check out for update higher version of DLL from ca harvest workbench tool.


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


one of the package  in Prod contain highest version of  FileName.DLL ver x .
When we try to check out for update version.x dll for FileName throwing the error.

E03020191: FileName. ver x not working in the view. 

The version does not exist in the working view.




Release : 12.6 and newer

Component :


Harvest is designed in such a way that each state has its own data view containing any files that were included in the baseline at the beginning of the project, as well as any versions of files that were created in, or have passed through that state.  When a package is promoted into a state, the files in that package are "added" to the data view for that state.  When a packaage is demoted out of a state, the files in that package are "removed" from the data view for that state.

In this case, the version of the file in question had never "passed through" the state from which he wanted to check it out.  Either it was checked into the package in a later state, or was added via cross project merge in a later state.

To remedy the problem he needed to cause the package to "pass through" the state.  We accomplished this by promoting the package containing his version of the file to the state he needed, then promoting it back to it's original location.




Check the history of the Package to see its promotion history

Log into Harvest SCM Administrator tool

Create a new process

In this case created a process to promote to UT state and a process to promote to Prod state

Go to the state Expand it to view the packages

Locate your package, right click, select new process and click promote process

Name your process

click the access tab to give yourself or group that you belong to access to this new process

Go back to workbench locate the package 

go to the UT state 

go to the package 

right click to promote to UT

go to data view of the UT state to verify that the package is there

to promote it back to Prod

go to the packages in UT state locate your package

right click to promote to Prod

once it's promoted you can now check out the file


Additional Information

Remember to delete the new processes created from the Administrator tool.