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Adhoc report throws an error - exception getting dataset from cache


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An Adhoc report has been built that filters using the Investment Name. It is noticed that it throws an error when a specific investment is selected. Error in the jasperserver.log is as below.

2022-06-06T12:54:07,046 ERROR Validator,Thread-20465:540 [] - Validation unsuccessful. Failed evaluating default rule 'Validator.SQL_VALIDATION_PATTERN', no matches found 
2022-06-06T12:54:07,051 ERROR AdhocAjaxController,http-nio-8080-exec-8:1042 [tenant_id|admin] - ad hoc controller exception: An error occurred while performing the previous request.
com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.CacheDatasetException: exception getting dataset from cache


The Investment Name contained the keyword "into" in it. Jaspersoft server validates the strings for any possible security issues before executing them. Therefore, when this keyword was encountered, data was being blocked before getting displayed.


Make changes to the investment name such that it does not have " into " (with white spaces at the beginning and the end). For example, it can be changed to "_into_" (with underscore at the beginning and the end).