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SANM AlarmNotifier wrong policy assignment after primary SpectroServer restart


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CA Spectrum


We have SANM with AlarmNotifier scheduled to not send out alerts over the weekend, however what we have noticed is if the Primary SpectroSERVER fails during the weekend and the Secondary SpectroSERVER takes over and then there is a failback to the Primary,  then the Alerts are still sent even through they should not be.

Previously we were given this solution , but this did not work for us.



Release :

Component : Spectrum Applications   SANM with AlarmNotifier


Software bug in how SANM does not resume its scheduled policies if a SpectroSERVER crashes


Solution to be included in a future Spectrum release.

For you can open a support issue and request patch


Once patch has been installed the weekend schedules need to be recreated in order to take effect.