Prerequisite Tool for 21.2.8 or later versions only includes a .txt file
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Prerequisite Tool for 21.2.8 or later versions only includes a .txt file


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


When the Prerequisite Tool for 21.2.8 or later is downloaded from the NFA Windows OS System Recommendations and Requirements, it only contains a .txt file.  Older versions included a .bat script file.


Release : NFA 21.2.x


To run this script, simply rename it to NFA-check.bat instead of NFA-check.txt.  You'll need to run it from the command prompt with administrator permissions.

Then run "NFA-check -?" to get the Usage for the script:

       NFA-check [-?] [-v] [-c] [-e] [-f [fname]]

   Note that if multiple switches are specified, they must be in
   the order shown. None of them are selected by default.

   -?    help       Displays usage.
   -v    verbose    Will echo information about its progress.
   -c    console    Causes it to check for the prerequisites for a NFA
                    console or standalone. If not specified, only the
                    prerequisites for a collector will be checked.
   -e    enumerate  Causes it to print out a list of the features or
                    other changes that are needed.
   -f    fix        Causes it to generate a batch file which should
                    fix the problems it finds.
   fname            The name of the generated batch file. Defaults to

     NFA-check -c -e
                Lists the changes that are needed for a console.
     NFA-check -v -f fix.bat
                Generates fix script named 'fix.bat' for a collector,
                showing progress.

Additional Information

Refer back to the documentation (Windows OS System Recommendations and Requirements) for additional information.