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Setting device alias in UIM 20.4 Operator Console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 I want to change the device name at the Operator console level. I have set the alias but I am not seeing the name change in Inventory. (Setting the Alias may need to be done on the local UIM browser if you are unable to save the alias.)

1) press the pencil icon to set an alias

2) update the name in the popup.

3) press apply

4) press cancel to close the popup. The alias is maintained.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM Operator Console - Inventory


Working as designed. Alias does not change the Name in the Name column, there is a hidden column called alias that will list the new name.


Steps to see alias.

1) click on the 3 dots in the inventory screen.

2) select Edit Columns

3) Put the check in Alias and any additional fields you want to see

4) press Save. This will add the alias field to the far right column where it is not useful.

5) Open your SQL management studio and connect to the UIM database

6) Run the following query


7) copy the "Columns" cell
Name,Device Type,OS Name,Origin,IP Address,Monitored By,Bus Type,Discovered,Alias

8) update this query where the fields are listed to match the order you want. Make sure there are no spaces after each comma.

update UMPINVENTORYCOLUMNINFO set Columns = 'Alias,Name,Device Type,OS Name,Origin,IP Address,Monitored By,Bus Type,Discovered' where OwnerName ='administrator';

9) Run query listed in 8.

10) log out of OC and back in and you should now see Alias as the first column.


Additional Information

You can use this same process to modify the column order if you want to change where things are.

Development is working this issue:

[F124548]: Certify Inventory Management and device level functionalities for VPAT Compliance (FY21 Q3) -> US820867: UX Enhancement for Inventory Page.