CCLXXML library members
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CCLXXML library members


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have around 320 members SMP/E Target library CCLXXML . However we see that in OPSMVS system/Live  software library only 5 members. Now we are in the process of applying couple of PTF's for z/OS 2.5 Compatibility. Is it ok if we don't copy all the members which are present/received in SMPE Target CCLXXML library to System live library CCLXXML.

The below mentioned 5 members are only present in the OPS/MVS system Live library.


Whereas the CCLXXML target library contains and additional 300+ members starting with LUxxxxx and SOxxxxx, examples being LU00026 and SO00235 for instance.

The question we have is should we copy all the members in the SMPE target library ( attached in the txt file ) to the OPS/MVS Live library and if we copy/don't copy what will be effect on OPS/MVS functionality? 



Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


The members starting with LUxxxxx and SOxxxxx in the CCLXXML library are only used by the SYSVIEW product and have no bearing on the functioning of OPS/MVS.

Those members are XML representations of the PTFs that have been applied to OPS/MVS. SYSVIEW incorporates a function that allows the display of PTFs that have been applied to various Broadcom mainframe products including OPS/MVS, and when each OPS/MVS PTF is applied, it also adds a corresponding XML entry to the CCLXXML library for use by SYSVIEW when that function is invoked.

If SYSVIEW is installed and and the function to display PTFs applied to OPS/MVS is desired, then consider copying all the members over. However, whether those members are present or not has no effect on the operation of OPS/MVS.