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How can I make it so my report always runs against six months of data instead of the default one year for reports used in an automation policy?


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Client Management Suite Patch Management Solution IT Management Suite


Lets say for example you see that the default report Windows Compliance by Computer is using a release date from and to, for one year.  In order to use this report in an automation policy, you would start by cloning the report.

Once the default report is cloned, you will want to right click on the cloned report, and choose to Export it.  The exported copy will be saved to the browser's download location.  

It's recommended to open the export XML file in a good text editor like Notepad++ or something else of your choosing.

You will want to do a find on the parameter: Release_Date_From

The search function will find this, but you want to look for a specific section that looks like the following:  <defaultValue>today-365</defaultValue>

                        <requiredParameters />


Change <defaultValue>today-365</defaultValue> to <defaultValue>today-180</defaultValue> for six months.

Search again and find the next occurrence.  There should be maybe two or three instances that you need to change.  

Once complete save the file and import it back to the console.  When viewing the report you will notice the Release Date From is six months back and the date for Release Date To is always the present day.

Now you can use this report in an automation policy to send out the results of just the last six months of data, instead of the entire year.  You can configure the rest of the fields to your liking in the cloned report.


Release: 8.6