Time Slice Period set as 'Fiscal' with Rollover Interval 'Fiscal'
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Time Slice Period set as 'Fiscal' with Rollover Interval 'Fiscal'


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Data Warehouse Time slices that have Slice Period set as 'Fiscal' and also have Rollover Interval set as Fiscal.
What does this mean?


Release : All

Component : Time Slice


The Rollover Interval set as 'Fiscal' means these Time Slices rollover will occur monthly.

The Data Warehouse Time slices with Slice Period set as 'Fiscal' use Monthly (or 13 period) fiscal time periods in the Entity specified in 'Data Warehouse Options' under Clarity System Options.


Additional Information

Also note that Fiscal Slice Requests will not be rolled over until there are enough Fiscal time periods defined in BIZ_COM_PERIODS table.