URL and Network Object Limits in Web Isolation
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URL and Network Object Limits in Web Isolation


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Web Isolation Cloud Web Isolation


How many URLs can be added to a URL Object?

How many IP addresses can be added to a Network Object?


Release : 1.15+


The current default limits are set to 20000 for URL Objects and 5000 for Network Objects.

Warning limits are set where the administrator will see a warning message in the management console when certain thresholds are reached. The default warning thresholds are:

  • 5000 for URL Objects per rule

  • 150000 total URLs in the policy


The following advanced settings can be used to increase these limits from the System Configuration > Advanced Configuration menu.

  • networkObject.listItemsLimit

  • urlObject.listItemsLimit

  • policy.rules.ruleWithManyUrlsLimit

  • policy.rules.urlListSizeWarningLimit