What is the UIM oracle probe checkpoint - user locks
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What is the UIM oracle probe checkpoint - user locks


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


DB team received one alarm from Oracle probe for checkpoint user_locks.

Could you please let us know.

1. how oracle probe generate the alarm for user_locks checkpoint?

2. What kind the locks it's monitored?



Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - ORACLE


user_locks  Monitors the number of active user locks and it is usually caused by an incorrect password entry.

user_locks uses this query: 

   SELECT a.serial# as serial,a.sid,a.username,b.type,b.ctime,lmode,a.osuser,c.sql_text  
   FROM v$session a,v$lock b, v$sqlarea c 
     WHERE b.type in ('TM','TX','UL') and 
     a.sid=b.sid and 
      lmode > 0 and 
    ((a.PREV_HASH_VALUE = c.hash_value and 
    a.prev_sql_addr = c.address and 
    a.sql_hash_value = 0) or 
    (c.hash_value=a.sql_hash_value and c.address = a.sql_address))