Upgrade multi-instance server
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Upgrade multi-instance server


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CA Workload Automation AE


There are 4 instances on our WAAE Server using the same binaries we plan to upgrade to the latest version.

Please advise how to proceed to continue to work on some instances in order to reduce the down time.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Please find below the steps for migration of your “multi-instance” configuration to a new server :

1. Use the AutoSys 12.0 SP1 installation media to perform a brand new installation of the new version on a new machine.

2. At this stage you can decide how many instances you want to run on each server.

3. You can decide to run less instances on the same server for example 2 instances on each server instead of 4 instances.

4. According to what you have decided, run the installation setup “Add instance” to add the number of instance you want on the new server.

5. In case you have decided to run 2 instances per server, you will need to perform a brand new installation of  the new version on 2 machines.

6. Pease make sure to use the same instance names as in the previous version.

7. Once the installation completed and instances added successfully, proceed by the steps below to migrate the data (job definitions, job status ….).

8. Stop all the AutoSys Services on the source and destination installation.

9. Copy over the databases to the new server(s).

10. Run the “CreateAEDB.pl” it will detect the database and will upgrade it.

You can consult the following documentation page for more information :


We recommend you to apply the solution in a Development or Test environment for validation.