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OAE Request Job condition prompts are shift or duplicate after running awinstall or install and upgrade script


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


OAE Jobs prompts may contain over 20 or more prompts which have incrementally increased in later versions of EBS. To account for this Applications Manager in the past have added additional "NULL" prompts to factor in the new prompts.

A code change was made to the aw_migration_body.sql which ran during awinstall or install/upgrade which either removed 9 NULL values or added 9 NULL values based on a flag.

Due to this change, if an OAE Job has request Job condition which contained 9 back to back NULL values in any location between the first prompt and the last prompt, aw_migration_body.sql flagged these 9 NULL values to be removed.

In doing so, the prompts string for OAE Request Job condition prompts are shifted back 9 positions and/or duplicated.

Below is an excel showing an example of how prompts are shifted for an OAE Request Job condition prompt with 36 prompts. Column A are original prompts and Column B are prompts after running awinstall and/or install and upgrade.

Highlighted in yellow are NULL values that are expected to be there. Highlighted in Red are prompts that will be shifted in Column A and the resulting prompts in Column B.



Release : 9.3



This has been fixed in version 9.4.2 set to be released 3rd quarter of 2022. 

If required, please contact Support and reference this article as well as Jira case AM-2725

Additional Information

This article will be updated once a release date is available or once 9.4.2 has been released.