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Custom accounts doesn't have access to some items in the console. Error: Item save to DB failed: The caller does not have permission <GUID> on the specified item <GUID>


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IT Management Suite


When some accounts try to read or modify items in the console, they don't have the required access and permissions to do that.

Error in the Altiris Log viewer will be:

  • Item save to DB failed:<GUID>
  • The caller does not have permission <GUID> on the specified item <GUID>



More permissions are needed for the user (Account)


Release: 8.x


  1. Find the GUID's item in the error. In the following example it is 37974fb9-e60e-4027-b72d-19e3f088a6a5.
    • Item save to DB failed: d59f5c42-fa0e-4b6b-946f-91a7e2d71f56
    • The caller 'Caller's name or GUID' does not have permission 0d631690-66f8-4bc8-9edf-6bfdabf4bd61 on the specified item 37974fb9-e60e-4027-b72d-19e3f088a6a5
  2. Go to reports> all reports, right click on any report and click on 'View as XML'.
  3. In the address bar, change the GUID with the one from step1 and press enter. It will show name of the GUID we need to get access to:
  4. Open Settings>Security> Security Role Manager. 
  5. Change the Role to the role you want to get permission, change view to 'All Items', click on Glasses icon to show the hidden items and click on Search
  6. Search for the name we found in step 3,  without role filtering and press OK.
  7. Now you can grant access to the item by changing permissions and press Save Changes. You can also change the permissions on the higher level main folders. In this example they will be Basic Inventory or Inventory.


Please note that sometime we should change permissions for more than one item and you can check all of them one by one as explained from the errors and searching for the GUIDs.