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Unable to Download File through Export API Call from Javelin


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When trying to invoke the Export API POST call from Javelin to export a JSON file, the file is not getting downloaded.

Tried using async value as true and false as well but it unable to download the file.

Able to download the file manually in Swagger UI but not in Javelin flow.


Release :

Component : Javelin


Used incorrect API.


Need to invoke DownloadObjectArtifact API http://localhost:8080/TDMJobService/api/ca/v1/jobs/{JOB_ID}/actions/downloadArtifact/  to download the exported files. The JOB_ID must be the ID of previously published export job in the Javelin flow.
Attached is the the available extension. The extension need to be imported to the environment and copy the DLL file to the C:\ProgramData\CA\JavelinConfig\x64\Extensions folder and restart Javelin. Then the the API call  http://localhost:8080/TDMJobService/api/ca/v1/jobs/{JOB_ID}/actions/downloadArtifact/ can be validated and it should download the file.

Additional Information

. TDMModelService API 

. Import Extensions into Javelin

. Deploy the Custom Extension 


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