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Dirscan probe - how to monitor based on file creation time and not last modified time


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a file which gets created on a server at e.g. 5:30pm and then moved to another folder on a different server at 6:00pm.

When this occurs, the "Last Modified" date of the file shows at 5:30pm and the "File Created" date shows at 6:00pm.

We want an alert if the file is not updated by 6:30pm and we have set an expected age of <30 minutes, but we are receiving false alerts for "age of file" because the probe is looking at the "Last Modified" date.

How can we correct this?


Release : 20.4

Component :


In the dirscan probe, there is an option for File Age to be based on the file "Creation" time which should be enabled:

This way the alarm will be based on the time it was placed into the folder (creation time) instead of the Last Modified date from the original server.