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Sensor upgrade failed in pg_dump on invalid page in block.


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Sensor upgrade failed in pgdump.  A corrupt data block was identified.  This is typically a data block that is not in use or can be rebuilt, like an index.

pg_dump: Dumping the contents of table "ds_log" failed: PQgetResult() failed.
pg_dump: Error message from server: ERROR: invalid page in block 84194 of relation base/16386/20497
pg_dump: The command was: COPY public.ds_log (log_id, category, ip_address, message, model, model_id, priority, serial_number, "time", type) TO stdout;
pg_dumpall: pg_dump failed on database "ds_log", exiting


Release : 8.x



A corrupt data block may prevent the export of the postgres database due to invalid results. The corruption might have happened during a system failure or power outage.  It likely happened long before the upgrade.


The corrupted database can be fixed but will require assistance from technical support. Contact support for the correct identification of the issue and the tools needed to resolve the issue.