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Role is not displayed in bulk uploads


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Following the documentation link below to configure the Access-Request to more than one user the Roles are not being displayed


To request access to more than one user you need to configure the Bulk Access Request


Identity Portal 14.4


The steps below you can find in the documentation link, we just add some images to better understand the configuration.


1. Create a Bulk form associated with the Object Feeder task

We have no Properties to this Bulk form


2. Create the Single form that is used to grant the entitlement to the user

In this step, I create a copy of the "Modify User" Admin Task in the Identity Manager to avoid changing the OOTB admin task

Now, we need to set up the Properties for UserID and the Role name

Note that the "Server Type" must be Hidden

Below we are using "%STRING_00%" but you can use a different custom field to store the Role name.


3. Create the Execution Plan as follow setting the Single and Bulk form created in the above steps


4. Create a Module Action, Elements > Environment > Module Actions, and use the Bulk-Form created before.


5. Now, you need to change the Target Permission to work with Bulk, open it, and select the Execution Plan


6. That is the result of the Access-Request to two or more users



7. From the Identity Manager side we have the tasks for the Admin Task and the "%STRING_00%" with the Provisioning Role name


At this point, you need to create a Policy XPress to the Admin Task and get the UserID and "String 000" with Role name to assign the Provisioning Role to the user


Additional Information

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