BSI database import failed
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BSI database import failed


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Used the below approach for upgrading the BSI version from 83.5 to

1. Create new database, app and web server Windows server 2019 standard on separate server.
2. Install BSI database by using BSI Setup in BSI database server.
3. Installed BSI App and Web on separate server.
4. Able to login BSI application on default database and everything is working fine.
5. We've export the data from previous version database server successfully by using Export/Import utility.
6. And then trying to Import old database data to newly created database server.

Now while doing import on newly created database server its got failed with many error.


Release : 8.35

Component :


Export command :

expdp bsiadmin schemas=bsiadmin directory=dmpdir dumpfile=bsiadmin.dmp logfile=bsiadminlog.log

Import Command :

impdp bsiadmin/password@oblicore schemas=BSIADMIN directory=dmp_dir dumpfile=BSIADMIN.DMP logfile=bsiadmin.log table_exists_action=replace include=table PARTITION_OPTIONS=MERGE

Additional Information

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