The Integration Mappings field cannot be created in Rally
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The Integration Mappings field cannot be created in Rally


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If a Clarity user having run the Import Integration Mappings job, does not have Rally Workspace Administrator rights, the Integration mappings field (and its values) will not be created in Rally.

Steps to reproduce are:

  1. Create a new Rally Workspace (or an existing Rally workspace that has never been used with Clarity Connections)
  2. The Clarity user should also have only Rally Project Administrator rights to create a Rally API Key for use by the Integration object
    • (The Clarity user should not have Workspace Administrator or Subscription Administrator rights)
  3. Create a Clarity Integration Object with proper Rally Integration URL, Integration Instance and API key configurations
  4. Define an Integration Mappings with proper Object and Field mappings
  5. From Clarity, run the Import Integration Mappings job
    • This job will complete with job messages indicating the Integration Mappings field cannot be created in Rally

      Expected Result: Integration Mappings field created in Rally
      Actual Result: Integration Mappings field cannot be created in Rally

  6. Define an Integration Mapping mappings for a CIT, using create from Clarity to Rally
  7. From Clarity, run the Synchronize Mapped Information Job
    • This job will complete
    • The Import Staging Tables job will automatically run and complete with messages on PI creation in Rally. Same detail message that is in the To Rally log for the CIT
    • The To Rally log will have a a specific error message on the CIT as follows:

      Null key for a Map not allowed in JSON (use a converting NullKeySerializer?)
      (through reference chain:

      Expected Result: Rally Porfolio Item created
      Actual Result: Rally Porfolio Item not created


The Integration Mappings field will be successfully created in Rally if the Clarity user running the Import Integration Mappings job also has Rally Workspace Administrator rights. 

The Synchronize Mapped Information job should be run by a Clarity user that also has Rally Project Administrator rights needed to create the Rally Portfolio Items in the appropriate Rally Project.