using public-private key pair with sftp server
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using public-private key pair with sftp server


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CA API Gateway


We are trying proxy SFTP connectivity to an external SFTP server through gateway by opening a port for SFTP protocol to use.

Currently, we have the port open and configured to act as an sftp connection.

sftp -oPort=2201 <gatewayHostnameDomainName> works as expected.

We are trying to figure out public / private key authentication, so that the public key can be installed on the remote sftp server, and we can control access to the gateway using the connection method above, without prompting for a password each time.

We would like steps to perform this public / private key authentication method. 


Release : 10.1

Component : gateway


1. create the public / private key pair on the server itself

2.  then import the private key into API Gateway Policy Manager.

    By doing this, and giving your public key to the other servers you are trying to connect with, you are able to achieve the sftp connection without password