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Steps to upload new v7 format Quova data in Risk Authentication


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We have automation tool which downloads Quova data from Broadcom FTP site every month,

What are the steps to upload the new v7 format Quova data to Risk Authentication product?


Release :9.1.x

Component : Risk Authentication/RiskMinder/RiskFort

Risk Authentication


Arrfupload is a command-line utility that enables you to upload data files to the Risk Authentication database. The Neustar v7 data format includes only one file (arcot_v7.csv) which contains all of the Geopoint and anonymizer information. Since the Neustar data v7 format file contains more entries than the v6 version, you may experience an increase in the execution time and memory consumption on the database server machine for the arrfupload operation.

You should have a minimum of 50 GB of free space in the database server machine connected to the Advanced Authentication server.

Neustar version 7 format example:

[1]Upload only GeoPoint data

arrfupload -prompt GeoPoint 1 1 C:\arcot_v7.csv

[2]Upload only Anonymizer data

arrfupload -prompt Anonymizer 1 1 C:\arcot_v7.csv

[3]Upload both GeoPoint and Anonymizer data

arrfupload -prompt GeoPoint 1 1 C:\arcot_v7.csv Anonymizer 1 1 C:\arcot_v7.csv

Refresh cache: arrfclient cr <ipaddress of riskfort server> <port> 

Upload Quova data using Batch Script

Neustaar version 7 format example:

arrfupload -prompt GeoPoint 1 1 C:\quova\arcot_v7.csv Anonymizer 1 1 C:\quova\arcot_v7.csv

Refresh cache

arrfclient cr <ipaddress of riskfort server> <port>

For example:

arrfclient cr localhost 7980

arrfclient cr 7980

arrfclient cr 7980

Additional Information

arrfupload Tool