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Switch old Monitoring Profile to new Threshold Profiles based Event Rules


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


I spoke with the Support team about switching alerting from using monitoring profiles to threshold profiles.  It was a good while ago, so I am looking for documentation (my search did not yield any useful info.)  to complete this process.  I have recreated the monitoring profiles as threshold profiles, which are disabled.  I'd like to setup a change to swap the profiles, and know what to share with the operations teams in regard to how CAPC will react (alerting wise) to the swapping.

When DX NetOps Performance Management was first developed it utilized the Monitoring Profile configurations to act as relationships for Event Rules. An Event Rule would be created against a Monitoring Profile. It's defined threshold would be evaluated against the items in the Collection Group(s) tied to the Monitoring Profile.

As the product grew Threshold Profiles were created to house collections of Event Rules, better replicating the old eHealth Live Health style of configuration and alarming.

What is the best path forward when moving from Event Rules against Monitoring Profiles to Event Rules against Threshold Profiles?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


There are no automated tools or scripts that transfer or convert Monitoring Profile based Event Rules to Threshold Profile based Event Rules. Doing so is a manual effort. It may also serve as a great opportunity to review and evaluate the existing rule set up and configurations. There may be a better or cleaner way to organize them when moving to Threshold Profile based Event Rules.

The Support team would recommend the following for a replicated set of matching Event Rules under Threshold Profiles.

  1. Create the new duplicated Event Rules under new duplicated Threshold Profiles
    1. Create new Threshold Profiles that represent the Monitoring Profiles currently housing the Event Rules.
    2. Create Event Rules under the new Threshold Profiles so that there are copies of the existing Event Rules under the Monitoring Profiles.
    3. When creating the new Threshold Profiles set them to Disabled using the Status field so they aren't active or used yet.
    4. Associate the new Threshold Profiles to the correct Groups.
  2. Switch from the Monitoring Profile Event Rules to Threshold Profile Event Rules
    1. Determine a schedule.
      • Switch all rules on one day?
      • Switch a few sets of rules per day and monitor the results?
      • Switch a few sets of rules per week and monitor the results?
    2. To start the switch over:
      1. Enable the Threshold Profile and it's rules.
      2. Disable or delete the matching rules under the Monitoring Profiles.
    3. What to expect after the switch over?
      • Once the switch is done it will create new Events for the Threshold Profiles with new rules as thresholds get violated.
      • Engineering notes after the Monitoring Profile based Event Rules are disabled or deleted, during the overnight following the day the change is made (should be around 3 AM) orphan alarm processing will clear any active Monitoring Profile based Event that was replaced.

Additional Information

Enabling/Disabling the Threshold Profiles or the Event Rules housed under Threshold Profiles can be done via the UI, or we can use REST against the DA /rest/eventrules/ID to set Enabled=false for those being replaced. If using REST be sure to ONLY change the Enabled state.