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Modern UX Attributes Page is not displaying any attribute records/data


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New UX attributes Page is not displaying any Attribute Records.


Steps to Reproduce :-

  1. Take a Clarity System with 16.0.1 version.
  2. Login in to clarity.
  3. Navigate to Objects. Create a Sub Object of Investment Object and API Enable it.
  4. On attributes tab. Click on "New Virtual".
  5. Click on the Attribute named "Methodology" and click on Add.
  6. In the Attribute Label Mention "Methodoly test", and Mention Attribute ID as "methodology" which is same as the original Attribute.
  7. edit the newly created attribute and add an API Alias.
  8. navigate to New UX -> attributes. Search for the newly added attribute, it's not displayed since it's a virutal attribute.
  9. Upgrade the environment to 16.0.2.
  10. After upgrade Navigate to New UX -> Administration -> attributes.

Expected Results :- Attributes List is shown.
Actual Results :- Attributes list is empty.


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity MUX Blueprints and Administration


The resolution for this will be provided in the upcoming 16.0.3. It was originally reported as DE65337.

Additional Information

Workaround :-

  1. Use the Filter options to filter for the specific object to view the attributes list. However, the custom object which was created in the STR will still return blank data.