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Application hanging on odf.init and does not start (after upgrade)


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Application hanging after upgrade on odf.init:

SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:32,390 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] config.TenantConfigurationManager (clarity:none:none:none) ==================================================================
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:32,390 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] config.TenantConfigurationManager (clarity:none:none:none) Active Tenants: clarity
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:32,390 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] config.TenantConfigurationManager (clarity:none:none:none) ==================================================================
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:32,436 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] niku.union (clarity:none:none:none) Starting Cache Messenger...
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:33,181 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] niku.union (clarity:none:none:none) Initializing: tower...
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:33,507 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] niku.union (clarity:none:none:none) Initializing: nsa...
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:33,562 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] niku.union (clarity:none:none:none) Initializing: bpm...
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:33,563 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] niku.union (clarity:none:none:none) Initializing Event Manager on server instance: app
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:33,619 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] niku.union (clarity:none:none:none) Initializing: bpm-validation...
SYS   2022-06-03 07:39:33,626 [WrapperStartStopAppMain] niku.union (clarity:none:none:none) Initializing: odf.init...


Release : 16.0.x


This is an issue with the Clarity files after upgrade


  1. Stop and remove Clarity services
  2. Perform a clean clarity install in a new folder
  3. Set up NIKU_HOME to this new folder
  4. Replace the properties.xml in the $clarity/config directory
  5. Bring the CSA up and set up the database connection in CSA
  6. Start the application and it should start correctly