Service Management on Fireglass
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Service Management on Fireglass


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Service Management on Fireglass


Release: 1.14.50



Please refer to the snippet below, for the expected service status, for "OK", "Stopped", "Disabled", and "N/A", for the fireglass Proxy.

For the services that do not start automatically, the fgcli service start <name of service> should be run, from the affected gateway, to have the service started and in an "OK" state. 

See the snippet below, for the execution of the commands.

'Stargate' is the project code name for Symantec Anti-Virus file scanner. Starting lorca (1.12) the scanner would be available in the download profile. See the below. So, the service should be started, if the Symantec AV is checked and in use.

Please see the below, for the reference commands, for managing services in fireglass.

Service Management

fgcli command
fgcli service start/stop/restart <service-name> Start/stop/restart a Fireglass service
fgcli service start/stop/restart all Start/stop/restart all Fireglass services
fgcli service status [-v] Get the current status of the services
fgcli service install [--instance-id <n>] Reinstall a service (instance-id is currently only relevant for the browsers)