Post Upgrade to 16.0.2, an SSO user occasionally sees the Clarity login page
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Post Upgrade to 16.0.2, an SSO user occasionally sees the Clarity login page


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Post upgrade to Clarity 16.0.2, users occasionally sees clarity login page, When Clarity is configured for SSO the user should NEVER see the Clarity login screen. This applies to Classic as well as the MUX. The reason is that the user must be authenticated by their IDP and if they have to enter credentials the IDP is supposed to provide the screen where those are provided.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Configure Clarity to use SSO so that the user can navigate directly to the MUX by entering the URL to the MUX, i.e., 
  2. Navigate directly to the MUX and get to the user's home page in the MUX 
  3. Navigate away so that the MUX is not in the browser 
  4. Let the session timeout or force a timeout by removing the session from the database by running the clean user session job and clearing the caches 
  5. Navigate back to the original URL that brings up the MUX, i.e., 

Expected Results: The user should be sent to the IDP to re-authenticate and then is brought back into the MUX once their credentials are verified. 

Actual Results: Clarity displays the MUX login screen.


Release : 16.0.2

Component : PPMSSO


A stale sessionId cookie at the browser will cause the MUX login screen to display when navigating to the MUX and Clarity is configured for SSO. 



DE65327, fixed in 16.0.3 and

Workaround: When the login screen displays refresh the page. 

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