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About additional information on Panvalet library members


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There are libraries created in R14.1 and R14.2 about the Panvalet library.
When compared to libraries created in R14.6, there are differences in member information.
What kind of information is different?


Release : 14.6

Component : Panvalet


R14.1 does not have the EXTDIR(Extended Directory Information).
Also, R14.2 does not have USERID information.

The EXTDIR has information such as USER-ID, last updated USER-ID and date/time, member LOCK date/time, etc., and can be output with PAN#2 ++PRINT 0-UP,EXTDIR.

The EXTDIR parameter on the 0-UP directory produces the following records:
* Record 1: Standard 0-UP directory card image
* Record 2: Update user ID and lock user ID dates and times:
    Position 0 -- Stacker-select character (present only if LRECL = 81)
    Position 1-8 -- User ID of last update
    Position 9-16 -- MM/DD/YY of last update
    Position 17-24 -- HH:MM:SS of last update
    Position 25-32 -- User ID of current LOCK
    Position 33-40 -- MM/DD/YY of current LOCK
    Position 41-48 -- HH:MM:SS of current LOCK
* Records 3 to 11: Audit/COMMENT fields:
    Position 0 -- Stacker-select character (present only if LRECL = 81).
    Position 1-8 -- Audit field name. The first Audit record punched is the comment. This field is set to COMMENT at that time. If any of the audit fields are unnamed, this field contains ????????.
    Position 10-59 or 10-63 -- Audit field value. This field contains either the 50-byte comment or the 64-byte audit information field.