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Attachment field is not getting triggered in Process initializing condition


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We are facing an issue regarding the file attachment process triggering start condition after upgrading the Clarity from v15.9.3 to v16.01.

An existing process with a start condition using an attachment field worked prior to 16.0.1, ( ( Incident Work Area File != null ) and ( Incident Work Area File [Previous Value] != Incident Work Area File ID ) ) ,  now the same process is not triggered.  

Also, if a new process is created, the Admin cannot use an attachment field in creating a start condition. The attachment field is also not available for selection in the Audit Trail. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create an attachment type attribute under Incident object.
2. Attempt to include attachment attribute in the Audit trail (you can't which can be the reason why it is not available in the process start condition).
3. Attempt to create simple process and try to choose an attachment field created in Step1, it is not available.
Expected Results: It should allow to add attribute to the audit and use it in the process start condition.

Actual Results: It is not available to choose for audit and process start condition.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Process Management


DE65143, After Engineering team review it has been determined that this behaviour is not a defect.

Stated behaviour is not a defect and indeed it was never designed to work that way.

The best way to address this as a enhacement request.