Cannot initialize with new Siteminder installation
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Cannot initialize with new Siteminder installation


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SITEMINDER CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) APM CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) Cross Enterprise Application Performance Management (APM)


Policy Server is 12.8.06a running on RHEL 8.5.  CA_APM_SSO version is 13.2.0

Upon startup, the Policy Server logs this error:

[2894550/140420368136000][Thu May 19 2022 12:06:52.921][SmEventWedge.cpp:289][LateInit][ERROR][sm-xpsxps-06810] Failed to initialize event handler library "/opt/CA/siteminder/lib/"


Release : 12.8

Release : 13.2.0
Component : APM for SSO


Siteminder's lib folder(/opt/CA/siteminder/lib) was missing two .so files.  This was discovered by running the ldd command against the file.

APM Documenation indicates these 2 specific files ( and need to be found in the SiteMinder's lib folder.


Please ensure supported version of "APM for SSO" is installed.
Follow the Upgrade Guide and also the Installation guide.

The error "Failed to initialize event handler library "/opt/CA/siteminder/lib/" was due to the two files( and mentioned in the "Upgrade Guide" was not found in the SiteMinder Policy Server's lib folder (/opt/CA/siteminder/lib).

Quick solution was to copy the The two missing shared object files existed in the APM installation folder to Siteminder's lib folder and restart Policy Server.
Note: In case if the files exist in siteminder lib folder but with different size/hash then please backup the files so the procedure can be reverted.

If this does not address the issue, please raise a support ticket with APM for SSO.