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alert down time not working as expected


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DX Application Performance Management


I have an alert which has a downtime starting at 5:25pm and the downtime is for 1430min. That should equal to one day minus 10 minutes.

When the alert is active it looks at the last 10 minutes and is supposed to alert when the value goes under 1 for all 10 min. 

So the earliest the alert should be able to kick off is 5:25pm since it starts looking at 5:15pm. Yet we are getting alerts earlier than that. 

The only explanation would be that the alerts takes into account values from when it was in down time state. Can you please elaborate on how the down time actually works? 

I think it should not look at values prior to it being active.


Release : 10.7.0

Component :


After discussing with the team. It is working as design. No alert is sent out during downtime alert activity however those metrics are being counted and if the downtime is lifted at 5:10, at 5:15 the alert is sent out because in the last 10 minutes the metric was less than 1. 

Try the alert to start at 5:40 pm instead of 5:15 pm then set the period as 25 instead of 10. 

But the alert won't be useful.