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Inactive Lookup Value not visible on Filter - Modern UX


Article ID: 243141


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create static value lookup

2. Add few values, Value 1, Value 2

3. Create an attribute based on this lookup on any CIT

4. populate a few instances with both Value 1 and Value 2

5. Go to lookup definition, deactivate one of the Vaue 1 so user cannot select Vaue 1 anymore on new instances

6. go to the CIT grid

6. Go to filter, and add attributes based on the lookup.

Actual Result: The user will be able to filter for only Value 2, and Value 1 is not available for a filter.

Expected: Users should see all the selected values in the dataset, like in the board view lanes, even if the lookup value is deactivated.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity MUX Custom Objects and Custom Investments


Per Product Management on filtering the values on the Modern Board View, even if the lookup value is deactivated, this would be considered a Clarity Enhancement Request.

1) Notice the 'Group By' feature at the top of the Investments list. Navigate to the field click on it's icon and drag it to the 'Group By'. The list will be grouped by your selected option and you can expand and see the data within the groupings; by using that field for 'Group By' you can see all the records that have a specific value.
2) You can also use reverse type of filter --- such as 'Not Equal To' all the active values in the list (for this one hoping there aren't a lot of static lookup values in the list).