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DWH Shows Actuals are Greater Than Cost Plan Forecast Amount


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Summary: In the Data Warehouse (DWH), the Actuals amount is greater than the Cost Plan POR Forecast amount. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Review the Actuals and Forecast in the Data Warehouse 
    • The Actuals are greater than the Forecast 
  2. Review the Actuals and Forecast in the Project's Cost Plan (Plan of Record) 
    • The Actuals equal the Forecast
  3. Compare the amounts 

Expected Results: The Actuals and Forecast amounts should be equal because there are no future forecasted amounts. 

Actual Results: The Actuals are greater than the Forecast amount in the DWH. 


Release 16.0.1+ 


  • This is caused by the configuration of the Period Dates for the Cost Plan (POR) 
  • There are posted Actuals PRIOR to the Start Period of the Cost Plan 
  • The DWH pulls ALL Actuals for the duration of the Project 
  • The Forecast amount is computed using the date range of the Cost Plan (POR) 
  • Therefore, the discrepancy is seen in the DWH 


  1. Change the Start Period for the Cost Plan (POR) to the start of the Project 
  2. Execute the 'Load Data Warehouse' job 
  3. The Actuals and Forecast now are equal as expected