DX APM 10.8 Upgrade checklist.
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DX APM 10.8 Upgrade checklist.


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


This article gives the steps of upgrading APM 10.7 to APM 10.8


DX Application Performance Management 10.8 





  •     Manually Upgrade CA APM
  •     Prepare for Manual Upgrade
  •     Upgrade Components
  •     Complete the CA APM Upgrade
  •     Backup and Rollback During CA APM Upgrade
  •     View and Apply Property Configuration Changes
  •     Upgrade Introscope Manually
  •     Upgrade the APM Database Manually

Please refer below guide for detail: 


Additional Information

Points to pay additional attention:

  • 10.8 will only upgrade 10.7 HF84
  • There is a IATEMPDIR environment variable that can be used to redirect the location of the installer’s temporary files
  • After 10.8 is installed, the SSL certificates for secure LDAP has to be reapplied
  • The default hosts that Postgres 13.x will listen too is “localhost” this has to be updated within the postgresql.conf file to be “*”
  • The installer and upgrade process requires the destination database to have no users or databases other than the default postgres database/admin accounts
  • By default, the Postgresql default database has no admin password and has to be set after the pg_hba.conf is set to password/md5