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Distribution of robot update to Linux boxes causes UIM Primary hub to crash


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  • Distribution of robot update to some Linux (RHEL7) boxes causes UIM to crash
  • 2 /robot/lib files seem to go missing on the Primary hub (RHEL7)
  • In IM or AC deploying robot_update package everything freezes with no response. 
  • ssh to Primary Hub and all processes are listed but service or niminit does nothing and we are forced to kill nimbus processes. Won't start either, just nimbus. 
  • In each case it was found that $NIMBUS_HOME/robot/lib had lost its 2 library files. Restoring the files allows everything to start OK.
  • This issue has happened on 9.33HF2 first then 9.35 Robot.


  • Release : UIM 20.31
  • Component : UIM - DISTSRV
  • RHEL 7


- distsrv crash


- Upgrade all 7.80 robots to 9.34

- distsrv debug package version is attached to this article and it contains some fixes for distsrv crash issues and verbose debug mode.


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