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Rest API query for fetching Clear Alarms details


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We want to fetch the details of all the Alarms closed/cleared automatically when the threshold condition is back to normal and closed by UIM. Rest API is enabled in OC, and when we run Rest API query on Alarms. We are receiving all the Alarms details like Critical, Major, minor etc.

However we are not receiving any Clear Alarm details. How to enable clear Alarms using UIM.


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - API


uimapi does not have the ability to pull clear alarms. 

However it can be done via query. 

select * from NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG where severity = 'clear'

All within the last day:
select * from NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG where severity = 'clear' and time > (select dateadd(day, -1, getdate()))

All within the last week:
select * from NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG where severity = 'clear' and time > (select dateadd(week, -1, getdate()))

Additional Information

uimapi queries the NAS_ALARMS table for alarm details, and cleared alarms are in NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG and not NAS_ALARMS. So it is not possible to get information on cleared alarms via uimapi. 

clear = the probe detected the threshold is no longer breached and sends an clear to close the open alarm 
close = someone manually acknowledged the alarm 

NAS_ALARMS contains only open alarms, once an alarm is closed either manually or via a clear alarm, that alarm is removed from NAS_ALARMS. 

This means if an alarm is no longer contained in the list provided by the REST call to uimapi, then that alarm has been closed. 

Based on that it might be possible to create some condition or rule that will close tickets if that alarm is no longer in the list from uimapi.