Lots of xml and xml.bkup files under DSM\Manager\CCSM
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Lots of xml and xml.bkup files under DSM\Manager\CCSM


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On Domain Manager there are thousands of files xml and xml.bkup under DSM\Manager\CCSM
These files are taking a lot of disk space. 
How could we do a cleanup in this directory ?


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The xml and xml.bkup files under DSM\Manager\CCSM are used for configuration policy deployment.
These files are created by plugin ccsmact when it sends a configuration policy to a computer.
Once the computer has received the configuration policy the xml file is not used anymore.
It is possible to delete all files under DSM\Manager\CCSM.
But some files may be generated again if ccsmact needs to resend the configuration policy job to some computers (computers which have not yet received the configuration policy).


Attached script clean_ccsm_folder.dms could be used to delete xml and xml.bkup files for configuration job which are no more active.
1- Copy attached file clean_ccsm_folder.dms on the Domain Manager
2- Execute this script with this command :
dmscript clean_ccsm_folder.dms
or with a SQL account in parameter if logged user has no rights in SQL Server :
dmscript clean_ccsm_folder.dms ca_itrm NOT_changedR11
Remark : Replace NOT_changedR11 by the password for ca_itrm
This script generates a log DSM\logs\clean_ccsm_folder.log
Example of log :
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - START clean_ccsm_folder.dms
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - Computer = <ComputerName>
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - User = Administrator
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - Version = 1.0
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - ITCM Log Path = C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\logs\
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - Domain DB Server = <ComputerName>
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - Domain DB Instance = MSSQLSERVER,1433
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - Domain DB Name = mdb
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - SQL Connection = -E
06/03/2022 09:03:21 - 
06/03/2022 09:03:22 - Found 1873 active configuration jobs in database
06/03/2022 09:03:39 - Found 2019 XML Files
06/03/2022 09:03:39 - Found 3835 XML.BKUP Files
06/03/2022 09:03:39 - Delete 146 XML Files
06/03/2022 09:03:39 - Delete 1963 XML.BKUP Files
06/03/2022 09:03:39 - END clean_ccsm_folder.dms
This script could be executed regularly (maybe once a month).

Additional Information

The files xml and xml.bkup are generated when a configuration policy has been created/updated and should be deployed to the computers.
If no configuration policy is updated/created, no new files should be created under DSM\Manager\CCSM
But as a maintenance task it is possible to execute this script regularly.


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