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Proxy unable to send access logs to Reporter with local FTP deployment, event logs show error '421 There are too many connected users, please try later'


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ProxySG Software - SGOS Reporter


  • ProxySG is configured to upload logs to the Reporter
  • Local FTP (log source) is set up on Reporter
  • Log upload fails and event logs show error '421 There are too many connected users, please try later'. (Procedure here to check event logs)


  • FTP service is enabled on Reporter
  • Local log source setup on Reporter
  •  The ProxySG is configured to use FTP Client (Reporter IP) to send access logs
  •  Read here  for more details


  • The error indicates that maximum concurrent FTP connections to the reporter is getting exceeded
  • This would be seen if there are multiple ProxySGs (more than 10) configured to send logs to the reporter at the same time
  • The default settings for concurrent client connections for Reporter FTP is 10. 


There are two ways to fix this-:

1. Setup ProxySGs to not send logs to Reporter at the same time. This can be done by configuring periodic upload schedule on proxySG and the schedule can be distributed

  • Click the Upload Schedule tab next to the Upload Client tab.
  • Make sure the appropriate log is selected. In this example, it is "main".
  • In the middle there are two types of uploads. Select "periodically" as the upload type.\
  • At the bottom, under "Upload the log file", you have options to upload the access log on a daily basis at a particular time, or if you want to have it uploaded every so often. Select the time/period in a distributed fashion on all the proxySGs that are setup to send logs to the Reporter
  •  Read here  for more details

2.  Increase the concurrent connection value on Reporter FTP

  • Login to Reporter using SSH
  • Go to enable mode
  • Stop ftp daemon by running the command (this will temporarily stop ftp on reporter and logging of proxySG access logs)
    ftp stop
  • Edit FTP configuration by running command. This will open the configuration in vi style editor. 
    ftp edit
  • Move the cursor to max_clients value and set this value to desired value
  • Use the following keys to edit the value

    i- Inserts text before the current cursor location

    a- Inserts text after the current cursor location

    x- Deletes the character under the cursor location
    X- Deletes the character before the cursor location
    r- Replaces the character under the cursor

    Once the value is set, press esc key to come out of edit mode. Then press esc key, followed by :, followed by wq!  to save the changes. If you want to  exit without saving the changes,then press esc key, followed by : ,  followed by q!
  • Exercise caution while doing this change. More details on how to edit the file are mentioned here

  • Start ftp daemon by running the command 
    ftp start