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Unable to access PacketShaper


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PacketShaper S-Series PacketShaper


Unable to access PacketShaper. Could also be intermittent problem.


PacketShaper has one IP address but has multiple interfaces with multiple MAC addresses. PS may respond via wrong/undesired interfaces. It also has an internal session that may timeout before you enter your credentials or authenticated via RADIUS/TACACS.


In order to resolve access issues to PacketShaper, please try the following:

1. Make sure you can access the PacketShaper via Serial Console. If yes, then the PacketShaper may just having IP connectivity issue.

2. Make sure IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway is configured properly. 'setup show'. Also make sure the interfaces are not 'secured' or ACL is configured.

3. You can do 'arp show' to check the arp table.

4. To avoid issues where PS may be responding via incorrect interface, we can connect network to the PS via dedicated Management port. Once that is done, you can do 'sys set dedicatedMgmtInterface 1'. This will force PS communicate only via Mgmt Port (no other inline interfaces will respond to management packets, but inline interfaces will normally process traffic between LAN and WAN).

5. If there is RADIUS/TACACS enabled, you can do 'sys set userSessionIdleTimeout 360' to avoid any issue due to internal session timeout before finishing RADIUS/TACACS authentication. Also try to enter the username and password immediately, do not wait or else the internal session will timeout and you will get 'password incorrect' error.

6. If you still have problem, you can reboot the PS and see how it goes (some older versions have memory issues and a reboot or upgrade to the latest version should fix this issue).

If none of the above fixes the problem, then you will have to take a Packet Capture on the Localhost class to investigate further. Please follow the KB below (Section 3.b example).