The update from 8.5 RU3 to 8.5 RU4 failed because of the Monitor Solution
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The update from 8.5 RU3 to 8.5 RU4 failed because of the Monitor Solution


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The update from 8.5 RU3 to 8.5 RU4 failed because of the Monitor Solution.

Here are the troubleshooting steps.

In SIM we ran a full repair. The MSI repair was successful but the Reconfigure Installed Products failed at Symantec Management Platform 8.5 RU4.

We then ran a Repair MSI on the Symantec Management Platform 8.5 RU. This failed.

We clicked the "Details" down arrow and saw the following:

Symantec.Installation.MsiErrorException:  Rolling back action:Updating component registration
   at Symantec.Installation.Msi.ProcessMSIResult(WindowsInstallerError result, String sCaller, String sPackage, String productCode, ErrorProcessingFlags flags)
   at Symantec.Installation.Msi.RepairProduct(Boolean replaceAllFiles, String cmdLine)
   at Symantec.Installation.PerformInstall.RepairPackage(Package component)
   at Symantec.Installation.PerformInstall.RepairProduct(Product product)
   at Symantec.Installation.PerformInstall.RepairProducts(ProductsCollection componentsToRepair, NsConfigureParameters nsParams)

In the SMP/SIM logs we found the following error:

Operation 'Direct: Head' failed. 
Protocol: HTTP 
Host: Servername.domain:80 
Path: /Altiris/NS/Agent/PostEvent.asp 
Connection Id: 17.12204 
Communication profile Id: {GUID} 
Throttling: 0 0 0 
Error type: HTTP error 
Error code: HTTP status 404: The requested URL does not exist on the server or the server is down (0x8FA10194) 
Error note: Empty response content received

At the starting page in the Symantec Installation Manager, we typed "CTRL-Shift-P" and saw the following:

Here is the wording from the screenshot above:

Symantec Management Platform 8.5 RU4

Install only the foundational Symantec Management Platform services. This installation includes Notification Server and other platform components, including Task Server to sequence management jobs and Software Management Framework for managing packaging tasks.

Partial Installation (MSIs listed below):

Installed Not Configured (1)
Symantec ASDK Server 8.5 x64 (symantec_asdkservercombine_8_5_ru4_x64.msi)

We used Windows File Explorer to go to [Altiris Installation Drive]:\Program Files\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\Installs\Altiris. We right-clicked symantec_asdkservercombine_8_5_ru4_x64 and chose install. We saw the following:

We then ran the following command line: msiexec /i symantec_asdkservercombine_8_5_ru4_x64 skipaim=true

We saw this:

We then had to uninstall the MSI using the following command:

 msiexec /x {InsertGUIDHere} /qb.  

SIM now appeared like this:

We were then able to run the Update again. It installed only two missing items.

We then verified that there were no partial installs.

Everything was fixed.















Release: 8.5 RU4


See troubleshooting steps above