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purge audit policy events from tables


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CA API Gateway


I am trying to purge the policy audit events from the database which could be older by certain number of days.

Wondering if there is already any script to do this for the Layer 7 database tables for the Container L7 version.


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


There is no script for this for the container version of the gateway 


Uploaded a service that be be modified and operate similar to the audit purge scripts used by the appliance gateway.  The uploaded service will purge 4000 records at a time older than 10 days, it will loop 50 times for a total 200,000

There are objects that need to be created (JDBC connection to he SSG DB, the service, then the task)

JDBC connections:  The same parameter used in the YAML file.  (TEST connection)

Create Policy (NOTE: policy type and Tag)

Import XML

Modify JDBC assertions to use the JDBC connection created in step 1 (Choose one connection)

Task -> Global Settings -> Manager Scheduled Tasks



1654207685616__SSG_Audit.xml get_app