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DevTest DDL


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Service Virtualization CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


The database tables are automatically created in the external databases when IAM, Enterprise Dashboard and Registry are started for the first time.

Before the tables are created, ensure that the DevTest user has DBA privileges. After the tables are created, you can remove the DBA privileges from the user.

If your security policy does not permit this approach, the database administrator can manually create the tables with DDL delivered with DevTest.


All supported DevTest databases




The DDL files in the below directories contain SQL statements that can serve as the basis for manually creating the tables. Provide this information to the database administrator.

For DB2:

IAM DDL  ==> Not supported for IAM
EDB DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\db2_enterprisedashboard.ddl
REG DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\db2.ddl AND DEVTEST_HOME\database\db2_cai.ddl

For Oracle:

IAM DDL  ==> DEVTEST_HOME\IdentityAccessManager\database\ddl\oracle.ddl
EDB DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\oracle_enterprisedashboard.ddl
REG DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\oracle.ddl AND DEVTEST_HOME\database\oracle_cai.ddl

For SQL Server:

IAM DDL  ==> DEVTEST_HOME\IdentityAccessManager\database\ddl\sqlserver.ddl
EDB DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\sqlserver_enterprisedashboard.ddl
REG DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\sqlserver.ddl AND DEVTEST_HOME\database\sqlserver_cai.ddl

For MySQL:

IAM DDL  ==> DEVTEST_HOME\IdentityAccessManager\database\ddl\mysql.ddl
EDB DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\mysql_enterprisedashboard.ddl
REG DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\mysql.ddl AND DEVTEST_HOME\database\mysql_cai.ddl

For PostgreSQL:

IAM DDL  ==> DEVTEST_HOME\IdentityAccessManager\database\ddl\postgresql.ddl
EDB DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\postgresql_enterprisedashboard.ddl
REG DDL ==> DEVTEST_HOME\database\postgresql.ddl AND DEVTEST_HOME\database\postgresql_cai.ddl