Site Server name change breaks SSL communication
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Site Server name change breaks SSL communication


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IT Management Suite


A site server has had its name changed and no longer publishes HTTPS codebase 


When a site server configured with HTTPS bindings has its name changed, the certificate bound in IIS is no longer valid because it issued in the old name.


  1. Go to Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings
  2. Expand "Site Servers" in the left navigation tree.
  3. Click on the Site Server whose name has changed
  4. Under the "Web Configuration" section of the site server, you should be able to tell if the Site Server is using custom or global settings.
  5. In the event Global Site Server Settings are being used, overwrite them with a custom Site Server Setting policy.
  6. In the Custom Policy, disable the 443 binding by unchecking the box. Then enable the policy and save changes.
  7. Once the Site Server picks up the custom policy and removes its 443 bindings, disable the custom policy.

This should cause the Site Server to rebind 443 with an updated certificate.

If the Site Server is already using a custom policy, before making this change, first disable the policy, save changes, wait for the site server to get the change, and start with step 5 above.