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Administrator cannot disable WSS Agents from WSS Portal


Article ID: 242996


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Users accessing internet sites via WSS using WSS Agent access method.

WSS admin sees all the WSS Agent connections in WSS Portal.

Disabling WSS Agent from within the Portal does not seem to disable the agent on the host machine.

When the Portal triggers the disable event, it appears that a reconnect is automatically triggered on the WSS Agent host but when it reconnects it is NOT disabled.

If user then hits a manual RECONNECT on the WSS Agent host, the agent is disabled.



WSS Agent

WSS Portal


Timing issue addressed with code changes on Portal and WSS Agent sides.


Update WSS Agents to 8.1.1 or greater.

Required Portal change made May 27 2022.

Additional Information

When the agent is disabled via the WSS Portal, the Portal sets a flag in the CTC response and then forcibly kills the connection from the WSS back end side.  

The agent should reconnect and get the new CTC response indicating the agent is disabled.