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Installing API Precision Monitoring on APM SaaS - 'Permission Denied'


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CA API Gateway Precision API Monitoring Module for API Gateway (Layer 7)


We are working on the integration of our DX APM SaaS environment with our on-Premise API Gateway using Precision API Monitoring.

So we have been trying the following:

First we downloaded the agent directly from our APM SaaS to our API Gateway. Here we are supposed to configure the agent in order for it to integrate with DX APM, the thing here is that we are trying to run these scripts on our API Gateway and even with root user we are getting 'Permission Denied'.

We gave permission to these scripts using the 'chmod +x' command as stated on the documentation but still have the same issue.

At first we started using this documentation:




Release : 3.4

Component :


customer was trying to install on the /tmp directory


customer was trying to install on the /tmp directory, so moved the installation to /opt and it solved the issue.