Gen 8.6 CSU-DLL-ERROR: (Sys-182) Attach to tcpcfn.dll failed
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Gen 8.6 CSU-DLL-ERROR: (Sys-182) Attach to tcpcfn.dll failed


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Gen 8.6 application receives runtime error : "CSU-DLL-ERROR: (Sys-182) Attach to tcpcfn.dll failed". Why is this error message occurring?


Release: 8.6

Component: Gen Runtime Distributed


While attempting to send a request to the server, Gen runtimes cannot load the library that handles Client/Server flows that use TCP/IP which is the tcpcfn.dll shown in the error message.
If the runtime library fails to load, it will result in the above error.


The reason that the tcpcfn.dll fails to load can be due to it not being found (absence on the system/machine or it is not in the PATH) or its dependency user exit tcpcxn.dll failing to load.
The user exit tcpcxn.dll failing to load can also because it cannot be found or if it it is found but has been modified then it may encounter a problem during execution time.

This problem has also been reported after third-party software has been recently installed.