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Set a password for the Endpoint Security client


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Endpoint Security


Setting a password for the Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) client allows you to require a password to open the client user interface, uninstall the client, stop the services, or import/export a policy.




To set an agent password:

  1. In the SES Portal, in the left pane, select Policies.
  2. In the middle pane, under Quick Filters, click System.
  3. In the right pane, select the appropriate System policy to modify.
  4. In the resulting policy screen, scroll to the Client Password Settings section, and then enable the password options that you require.
  5. In the Password text box, type the password to apply.
  6. Save and apply the policy.


After saving the policy the clients should pick this up promptly if there are no communications issues.

You can right-click on a clients icon in the System Tray if you'd like to force a client to check for policies by choosing the Update Policy option.