How to enable SSH on AppNeta monitoring points
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How to enable SSH on AppNeta monitoring points


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AppNeta DX NetOps


You may require SSH connectivity to the AppNeta Monitoring point to gain access to the command line interface.  By default, these settings are disabled on AppNeta monitoring points.


1.  Log into the appliance through the Web Interface using your User ID and Password. 

2.  Select the Gear Icon from the top, then click on API;

3. This will load the Swagger / API control page. We want the first option: Access Control.
Click on it to expand.

4.  In the expanded section, you are looking for the last orange Put field for SSH, to change the SSH settings. Click on it to open the field up.

5.  It will expand the section. Note the current settings indicate"ssh_access: false".
Click the Try It Out button to make the edit.

6. In the text field, you need to change the value for ssh_access from false to true to enable SSH. When you have edited the field with the correct word, click the blue Execute button at the bottom. 
You will be prompted for your User ID and Password once again. Once entered, this change should be live.

The appliance should now be reachable on port 22.



Additional Information

If you require disabling SSH on any of your appliance, you can run these instructions in reverse, and change the SSH settings to False.

This in turn will disable SSH access to the appliance.